Learning Should be Fun

When turtles are born, they know everything they need to know to live for 50 or so years. Since learning is one of the joys of living, I don’t think turtles have very much fun.

Learning brings growth, and both the process and result of learning can be enjoyable. Watch anyone at any age who is involved in any mental activity for any length of time and ask the person the reason for the involvement. The response will inevitably include the fun factor.

A characteristic of successful leaders, teachers, and parents is that they make learning enjoyable; they make it fun.

On the other hand, think of someone who has given up learning because, like the turtle, the person already knows everything.

As you think of such a person—someone who knows everything, someone who doesn’t listen to you because that person knows better—don’t you find that the person isn’t any fun to be around?

Which kind of person are you? Which kind of person are you influencing your children and students to become? In the comments below, please share how you are making learning fun both in your own life and for those you influence.