Level D and A Guest Performer

Dear Marv,

Hello from Benchmark School in Phoenix, AZ.

My name is Wendy Brady and you spoke at our school. I wanted to drop you a quick note about a compliment our 4th grade students received.

We recently had a guest speaker come to visit our 4th grade. He was Wyatt Earp and he performed a monologue on Wyatt Earp’s life and experiences.

After the performance, which took about one hour, Wyatt commented that in the past 3 years he had not come across a group of better-behaved school children. (He travels the world doing this show.) He was shocked at how well the students listened—no interruptions, respectful, etc. He told the teachers that he really enjoyed the experience because of the children.

I passed along the comments to the students. They were thrilled with themselves. One student even commented that the best feeling was that a teacher didn’t even remind them what the expectations were; they just did it on their own. “We did it because it was the right thing to do. This man gave us his time, and we should be respectful.”

I felt so good about the situation. It was nice to see 62 4th graders act at level D.

Very exciting!

Thanks for everything,

Wendy Brady

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