Mailring to Promote Responsibility

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“Wow! These discussions are so very informative and helpful.

“This is my first year using Dr. Marshall’s program and thirty-second year of teaching. There is so much more to all this than I had ever anticipated.

“Overall, I have less stress. I see growth in responsibility every day. As I work with my 5th grade students to empower them, I see them taking control of their behavior and choices. Is it perfect? No, far from it. But little by little it gets better and better.

“No one really wants to be on Level B. (See The Hiearchy of Social Development.) Our students deserve our guidance. I suspect the payoff will be tremendous for them and for us. I am learning so much from these discussions. It is so wonderful to communicate with others “in the trenches” who really know and work with our daily realities. Let’s keep the questions and answers going. We are all benefiting. Thank you so very much.”

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