An Online Explanation of Discipline Without Stress

Dr. Marshall recently brought teacher attention to a youtube lecture highlighting the third part of his Discipline without Stress Teaching ModelThe Raise Responsibility System.

As many university instructors do these days, Joe Jerles posted this classroom management lecture online so that his students could access his teaching easily and repeatedly for study purposes.

He is teaching from the textbook, Effective Classroom Management by Carlette Jackson Hardin.  Chapter 9 of the book deals specifically with Dr. Marshall’s Discipline without Stress approach.


Joe Jerles’ youtube presentation may also be of interest to those of you interested in learning more about the Discipline without Stress approach.

Dr. Marshall points out a few things to notice while viewing the video:

  • Even kindergarten students understand the vocabulary and concepts.
  • After teaching the concepts, I only refer to the letters, not the vocabulary.
  • The picture displayed does not look like me.
  • Level A and Level B refer to BEHAVIOR, while Level C and Level D refers to levels of MOTIVATION
  • I do not use “rules” because I find the key to good classroom management is teaching and practicing procedures, rather than relying on rules that automatically prompt an “enforcement mentality.”
  • I did not, contrary to the video, contact the author and mandate that the trademark symbol be used. The author used the “registered mark” with “Discipline Without Stress” because it is in the title of the book.