Positivity Promotes Responsibility

Positivity (conscious optimism) prmotes responsibility.

This positive attitude begins between the ears.

The most important thing people can control is their state of mind. A state of mind is something that one can control. It can be created.

Thinking and acting responsibly—or irresponsibly—begins, therefore, with how a person shapes one's own thoughts.

As leaders, teachers, and parents, we have an oligation to help young people shape and control their thoughts. We can do this by painting positive pictures that empower. Sometimes a simple word can make the difference as in, "You have to go to school today" vs. "You get to go to school today."

Since how we think induces how we feel, negative thoughts have a tendency to blame, complain, and avoid responsibility. In contrast, positive thoughts empower and prompt an increased tendency to become more responsible.

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