Preschool Expulsions

An article in the January 11, 2008 issue of the Los Angeles Times indicates that research suggests long days and heavy workloads can affect an instructor’s ability to discipline and manage a classroom. The headline of the article is, “Teachers’ stress linked to preschool expulsions.”

The article was well written. However, the research suggests only the obvious. It does not deal with the prime reason for the expulsions and stress of teachers or the stress of the youngsters.

Anyone, and that includes very young people, behave for a purpose. That purpose is either related to something the person wants or something the person wants to avoid. Simply stated, the young people who were expelled were operating in a manner to “fix” a frustration. That means that how the teachers reacted to inappropriate behavior alleviated or removed the problem for the teacher—but not for the student.

Please see my post at my article for a more effective way of dealing with discipline and behavior problems.

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