Manage the Conversation Rather than the Conflict

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Have ever had a conversation with an emotional person? If you have, you realized the futility. Regardless of age, when the other person is seeing red, is angry, or extremely emotional, trying to reason is fruitless.

The smart approach is to take a break. Suggest it. Set a time to return. It can be as short as two minutes. It’s as simple as saying, “I need a break. Excuse me; I’ll be back in two minutes.”

Then how do you handle the situation? The key is to remember that the person who asks the question controls the conversation. So put forth questions that prompt responses. Examples are:

  • “What do you suggest our next step to be?
  • “What do you suggest we do so both of us feel right about it?”
  • “How can I help get what you want without feeling that I am doing myself a disservice?”

Tip: To reduce your stress, just remember to manage the conversation rather than the conflict.