Reduce Stress with Collaboration Not Domination

The image displays the words “Without Stress Tips” in white against a blue background along a gold lotus blossom.

Dominating another person may feel good, but think of the effect it has on the other person—as well as on yourself. Just as no one likes to be told what to do, no one likes to be dominated. In addition, domination is a close cousin of stress because it releases a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. In contrast to dominating someone, when you aim at collaboration, stress is reduced and relationships improve. A simple approach to begin the collaboration process is by asking the other person’s opinion. The technique is amazingly simple and so effective. Another simple approach is to ask for the other person’s help. It is a rare situation when you will ask someone for assistance and receive a negative response. Preface the request by saying, “I need your help on this.”

Another approach is to focus on what the other person wants. This starts your own learning process. Once you learn what the other person desires, you are then in an empowering position to decide if you can live with it. If you can, you have moved from a mindset of domination to one of collaboration and in the process, your stress levels will be reduced.

Tip: Reduce stress by having a mindset of collaboration, rather than one of domination.