Stress Relief, Revenge, and Forgiveness

Living without revenge, and forgiveness is the topic of this weekly tip.

You can relieve stress if you refrain from taking revenge. Forgive, forget, and walk away.

Making enemies is inherent in the human condition. Very few people will live their entire lives without making some “enemies.” Forgiving enemies is very difficult for many people. Having a desire to take revenge is natural if the person has spread false rumors, been unethical, or caused us harm. We could find ourselves carrying a grudge for many years.

This approach is counterproductive. For example, take the case of Harvey Mackay who fired an employee. The whole story can be found in his book. The former employee took what he had learned from Mackay and started his own company—in competition. Harvey believed that the former employee created an unfair business tactic. Harvey’s psychic energy shifted into bitterness; revenge consumed him for the better part of five years.

Harvey said it was more than a waste of time because whenever he thought about it, he grew vindictive and sour. These feelings spilled over into everything he touched. He lost more then just the object of his revenge. He lost all that time devoted to negative feelings that could have been better spent.

If you can’t take the best advice of forgiving your enemies, then take the second best and forget them.

Tip: The only way you can achieve true revenge is not to let your enemies prompt you to negativity.