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Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – November 2013

Volume 13 Number 11


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MONTHLY QUOTE: An Example of Positivity

Sir Winston. . . What in your school experience best prepared you to lead Great Britain out of our darkest hour?
(thoughtful pause)
It was the two years I spent in the first Form (seventh grade).
Did you fail the First Form?
No! I had two opportunities to learn to do it correctly. —Sir Winston Churchill


After having completed very successful video interactive sessions with entire school staffs, I am announcing the addition to the link – New: Unlimited interactive video conferencing with the entire staff

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A not-so-typical Awards Ceremony

Every once in a while, the subject of school awards comes up on the DWS mailring.  Usually the person is concerned that their school requires teachers to present student awards.  The concern is that this thinking doesn’t mesh well with the philosophy of someone wanting to foster internal motivation.

On another mailring recently, I read a post from a teacher whose school gives awards to every child in the school––but in quite a different way than most do.  I asked her permission to reprint the idea here.  I thought it might interest those looking for genuine ways to acknowledge children, without the typical problems associated with awards (as we usually think of them.)

Here’s her post:… >>>