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Without Stress Newsletter – September 2016

Volume 16 Number 9 September 2016
Newsletter #182 Archived


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  2. Reducing Stress
  3. Promoting Responsibility
  4. Increasing Effectiveness
  5. Improving Relationships
  6. Promoting Learning
  7. Parenting Without Stress
  8. Discipline without Stress (DWS)
  9. Reviews and Testimonial



“They said I couldn’t sing, but they didn’t say I didn’t sing.”
—Meryl Streep after singing at Carnegie Hall from the movie “Florence Foster Jenkins”

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I received the following email last week and include it in this section because it … >>>


Responsibility and Behavior

Today I’d like to share with you a post from Discipline Answers. I think you’ll agree that while humorous, this post reveals a lot about what’s wrong with so many behavior modification approaches in use today.

“One of the oddest conversations I ever had with a child was with a very bright, very disruptive 7-year-old. He had a history of misbehavior at school with lots of office time and suspensions. At the beginning of the year I sat with him after a minor infraction and during our conversation I casually said something about, ‘Well, you know I can’t MAKE you behave; that’s something you have to want to do for yourself. And you get to think about your behavior … >>>