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Having a System is Superior to Having aTalent

Working in Harlem under contract for three years with the New York City Board of Education taught me an invaluable lesson: Having a teaching SYSTEM is superior to talent when a teacher faces challenging behaviors in the classroom.

The assistant superintendent and I were very impressed while observing a teacher one year. We agreed that the teacher was a “natural.” However, when I visited the teacher the following year, she told me three boys were such challenges that she could use some assistance.

Even teachers with a “natural talent” are challenged by student behaviors that teachers in former generations did not confront. To retain the joy that the teaching profession offers and to reduce one’s stress,  a SYSTEM to rely … >>>


Discipline Without Stress

The following is shared about the book:

“As parents and educators, we need all the assistance we can get. Marv Marshall helps us reduce our stress and increase our potential success by giving us many helpful ideas. You will find this book filled with insights and proven strategies that can be applied to all age levels.”

Nancy K. Utterback, Ph.D., Professor
Education & Character Education, Walsh University, Ohio

The reason that the approach is so successful is that counterproductive approaches are not used. click here to see a list of them.… >>>


The Book: Discipline Without Stress

I received the following correspondence:

I am a music teacher. Last year, I came to a point where I was ready to quit—not just threaten—but actually quit teaching after 18 years. That’s when I ran across your book,  and it saved my career as well as my life!

I immediately went back the next day to my classroom and implemented the process.  WOW! What a difference for me and the students.  I no longer have to be a “gritchy” person!

I love and live what you have shared in your book “Discipline Without Stress” and it has definitely reduced stresses in my classroom. Also, my students are becoming self-reliant, internally motivated, and responsible.

I’ve used it, I’m using it, I … >>>


Rewards and the Raise Responsibility System


I recently read your education book and I plan to try the approach with my 3rd graders.

Previously, I taught 6th grade and used an assertive discipline system. I teach in a Success for All school which requires teachers to award team points for appropriate behavior. Students are rewarded based on the number of points their team earns each week. How do you think the Raise Responsibility System will work if I have to give rewards for expected behaviors?


First, a comment about assertive discipline: As you may have discovered, a fundamental characteristic of this coercive approach is to overpower when a student does not obey. The RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM is 180 degrees in the opposite >>>