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Conclusions about Finland’s Educational System

Students in several Asian nations continually outperform their U.S. counterparts on international tests for science, reading, and especially math. Finland is the only Western nation near the top of those rankings year after year.

The Finn’s don’t approach education with the drill-and-kill ferocity employed in Korea and Singapore or with the emphasis on endless testing familiar to U.S. students. In fact, Finland has become an educational star by doing the opposite of what’s happening in many U.S. schools and school districts. 

Since the 1970s, Finland has changed its traditional education structure into a model of a modern, publicly financed education system with widespread equity, good quality, large participation, and all of this at reasonable cost.

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Learning and Discipline in Finland – 4

Comparison of Education in Finland vs. Other Educational Approaches 


Flexibiliity and diversity  

School-based curriculum and development
networking through steering by students
information and support

Broad Knowledge

Focus on broad learning; equal value to
all aspects of individual’s growth in
personality, moral, creativity,
knowledge, and skills

Trust through Professionalism

Culture of trust that values teachers’
and principals’ professionalism in
judging what is best for students and in
reporting on progress in their learning 



Standards for schools, teachers, and
students to improve the quality
of outcomes

Literacy and Numeracy

Basic knowledge and skills in
reading, writing, mathematics, and
science are prime targets of 
educational reform

Consequential Accountability

The school performance is closely
tied to “inspection” using narrow

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