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Implement Discipline Without Stress Today

One of the points I continued to emphasize in my presentations is that the Discipline Without Stress methodology CAN BE IMPLEMENTED IMMEDIATELY. The only requirement is to teach the four vocabulary concepts and then have students create examples of them in their own classroom and/or for various activities. Anyone can teach the four concepts at anytime—even during the last few weeks of the school year.

I received the following e-mail that shows this concept in action.

“I suspended a defiant student earlier in the week and was dreading having him return to my classroom on Friday. After hearing your inspiring talk, I was able to put my arm around him and walk with him while I asked him what we … >>>


Can Discipline be Both Simple and Easy?

I often describe the Discipline Without Stress approach as “simple.” Sometimes teachers question my word choice. After all, it does take continual effort to deal with classroom management and at the same remember to be positive, offer choices, and ask reflective questions.

Realize, though, that “simple” does not automatically mean “easy.” For example, learning how to drive an automobile is SIMPLE, but it only becomes EASY after you have driven for awhile. Likewise, deciding ahead of time not to eat dessert at a banquet may be SIMPLE. But when the plates from the main course are removed and the cheesecake is placed in front of you, your original decision may not be so EASY to implement. The point is that … >>>