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Tips for Effective Parenting

Tips for Effective Parenting

One of the keys to effective parenting is to know the difference between implicit and explicit modeling and how you do both each day. The fact is that parents are the first teachers. Parents are always modeling how to behave.

Effective Parenting is All About Modeling

Modeling is accomplished two ways. The first way is EXPLICITLY. The second way is IMPLICITLY. Here is the difference:

Explicit modeling is directed by what you actually say and do, as in always saying “thank you” and urging the young person to do the same.

Implicit modeling is indirect and learned without intentions.

The following examples from the book Parenting Without Stress demonstrate the difference between explicit and implicit modeling.

  1. Tickets for a movie
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Recognize Implicit Messages

Parents often deliver explicit messages unaware of sending implicit ones. “Explicit” refers to the actual words you state. “Implicit” refers to what the receiver of the message is learning by inference. For example, tickets for a movie theater are more expensive for a 13-yearold than for a 12-year-old. In order to save money, the parent tells the 13-year-old daughter to state her age as 12. The explicit message is that saving money is desirable; however, the implicit message is that being dishonest is acceptable.

The teenager tells the parent, “I may be home late tonight.” The parent asks, “Will there be alcohol or drugs where you are going?” The response is, “I don’t know.” The parent responds by saying, “You’re … >>>