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A Powerful Phrase for Effectiveness

Some people’s ego deprives them of the benefit that comes from one of the most powerful approaches ever devised: asking for help. 

We see this play out every day, such as when someone refuses to ask for directions, fails to accept assistance on a project, or prefers to struggle through a situation alone.

One of the most powerful phrases in all of life is “I wonder if you could help me with something….”  This phrase breaks down barriers. In sales, it turns icy gatekeepers into warm and friendly allies. It turns busy and mighty executives into unhurried conversationalists happy to share their secrets and contacts.

Why does such a simple phrase … >>>


Using Imaging to Move or Change Behavior

The opening paragraph of my book deals with mindsets. It sets the stage for the entire book because my purpose is to influence young people to have mindsets where they WANT to be responsible and WANT to learn. The objective is to create visual images that drive behaviors.

The following exercise (shared with me by Jack Canfield, coauthor with Mark Victor Hansen of “The Aladdin Factor” and the “Chicken Soup” series) gives students an experience of the power of imagery for both behavior and learning.

Students will need room for the exercise.

Divide the class in two groups, A and B. Say the following to group A:
I want you to close your eyes and imagine in your mind a … >>>