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Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – July 2014

—Volume 14 Number 7


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It’s not only what you look at but how you see it. –Henry David Thoreau 


Following are two messages I recently received.
“The last six years that I taught I used your system in my Kindergarten class and found it to be very successful. I believe in your system. I am now retired and do some substitute teaching. The school system that I work for has adopted PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports). Next year I have been asked to do a long-term position from the start

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Why Programs Can’t Fix Discipline Problems

Every few years a new program aimed at improving behavior and learning while reducing discipline problems is introduced and becomes the silver bullet for “fixing” schools. For example, at one time open classrooms were the magic cure-all. Next, large group lectures, small group discussions, and independent study were the “fix” for high schools. Then “Teaching by Objectives” was the rage. Where are these programs now?

A current fashion is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS or PBS), based on the old Skinnerian erroneous premise that rewarding desired behavior externally is the most effective way to reinforce the behavior and cure discipline issues. PBIS is an outgrowth of working with students who have special needs and where something tangible … >>>



When I presented seminars last week in Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Billings, Montana; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon, many teachers told me that they were mandated to implement Positive Intervention Behavior and Supports (PBIS).

The question then is, “How can you use Discipline without Stress while at the same time implementing PBIS?”

The answer is as follows. First, there is nothing in PBIS that mandates the teacher must give the rewards. Have the students perform the task of handing out rewards. When the task is delegated to students, they soon realize how unfair it is to reward some students who do what the teacher desires but not reward … >>>