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Fill Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

To keep your stress level down, it’s important to fill your brain with positive thoughts. Why? Because the brain is like a sponge. It soaks up whatever is near. If positive thoughts dominate your day, your brain will soak that up. Likewise, if negativity dominates your thoughts, your brain will soak that up too.

Getting rid of the negativity isn’t always easy. Think about this: The ghosts of what we erase on a computer remain deep within the system, electronically etched into the hard drive. Similarly, what goes into the human mind can remain to contaminate it or to enrich it.

Let’s go back to the sponge analogy. If you soak a sponge in dirty water and squeeze it, dirty … >>>


The Power of Positive Thinking

power of positive thinkingThe power of positive thinking has been studied for a long time. One key thing that’s been found is that a positive attitude is linked to better health. According to Dr. Martin Seligman, director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, “Optimism and pessimism affect health almost as clearly as do physical factors.”

That’s because optimists generally have positive future expectations. Because they expect good things to happen, they tend to work toward those things. This is what the power of positive thinking is all about.

In contrast to optimists, “A pessimist habitually views setbacks as permanent, unchangeable, and pervasive,” says Dr. Seligman. Pessimists often feel helpless when things go wrong and tend to believe that bad … >>>