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Use Consequences to Reduce Stress

For parents and teachers, dealing with youth discipline causes a lot of stress. That’s why I created the Discipline Without Stress methodology. It promotes responsibility in youth while enabling adults to reduce stress.

One of the cornerstones of the Discipline Without Stress book and approach is to elicit consequences rather than impose punishments. Some people struggle at first to understand the difference between imposing a punishment and encouraging the youth to determine the consequence for his or her action, so here is a brief explanation.

A consequence is very different from a punishment. A punishment is something that is imposed by another party. It usually has no connection to the behavior and frequently belittles or shames the offender. It is … >>>


Using the Levels of Development


This will begin my second year of teaching. Last year, I had trouble with behavior in my classes (7th grade). I have been reading your book. I like what you have to say; it makes sense to me.

I would like to begin teaching the levels of development right away, but I have some reservations.

(CLARIFICATION: The two lower levels describe behaviors; the two upper levels describe motivation.)

My question: How soon should I begin to teach your system? Colleagues keep telling me to be tough at the beginning of the year, that it is easier to loosen up later in the year than it is to try to regain control of an unruly class. I … >>>