The Theory Behind Discipline Without Stress (DWS)

“Discipline Without Stress” has two fundamental characteristics. The first is that stress—oftentimes associated with discipline—is significantly reduced. The second is that external manipulators, such as rewards for appropriate behavior, are not used because they are counterproductive to promoting responsibility. 

Punishments—be they referred to as logical or natural—are based on the theory that the person needs to be harmed to be taught, to be hurt in order to learn. Therefore, imposed punishments are not used. Instead, procedures or consequences are elicited because they are much more effective in changing behaviors.

The site shows how to promote responsible behavior by using 21st century approaches espoused by such authorities as Stephen Covey, W. Edwards Deming, and William Glasser. They are based on the simple fact that no one can coerce another person into changing one’s mind and that the most effective approach for influencing a person to change behavior is to induce the person to influence himself.