Top 10 Questions About Stress

People ask me a lot of questions about stress. Following are the top 10 questions about stress that I get asked the most. I’ve purposely kept the answers short. In future posts I’ll elaborate on some of the answers. You can also find many answers in my book, Live Without Stress. As always, if you have any specific questions about stress, please ask me!

1. What impact does stress have on our life?

Stress can shorten lives and have debilitating effects on health—both physical and mental.

2. What are some specific things we can do to reduce stress?

Master our mind when making decisions (in contrast to acting on feelings).

 3. What are some of the assumptions that create stress?

The idea that people have no choices! Choice ends when life ends. We are constantly making choices. We never have to be a victim because we can choose our responses to any situation that we cannot change, anything that stimulates us, or any urge that erupts.

4. How does the language we use increase, decrease, or eliminate stress?

Language directs feelings. Notice the difference in feeling between “I HAVE to attend the meeting” versus “I GET to attend the meeting.”

5. How does one take control of situations that are stress-inducers?

Redirect our thoughts. Feelings (emotion) ALWAYS follow thinking (cognition).

6. What role can laughter play in creating a happier/less-stressful existence?

Humor is one of the quickest and most effective approaches for reducing stress.

7. What are the best ways to deal with difficult people so one can build healthier, more stress-free relationships?

No one else can create our stress. Others may stimulate or prompt anxiety or negative thoughts but we allow ourselves to be stressed because of the decisions or LACK OF DECISIONS we ourselves make.

8. What impact can imagery and visualization have on stress?

Both are terrific tools to combat stress.

9. How do we identify the sources of stress in our life?

When we feel anxiety or negative feelings, stress has been created.

10. What are some of the unhealthy ways folks cope with stress, and how do they replace them with healthy strategies?

They have a mindset of victimhood and make little if any attempt to change their thinking or implement the suggestion in my book, Live Without Stress.