One of the things to emphasize in working in the area of discipline is to make heavy use of positive images to influence behavior. This technique is powerful and especially useful for young people who have neurological-based behavior (NBB) challenges.

The body, mind, and emotions are fully integrated. Feelings, learning, and physical behavior all work in conjunction with each other and are inseparable. A change in behavior is as much emotion based as it is cognition based—that is, it has as much to do with feelings as with knowledge. The human mind thinks not so much through the use of simple language but through the heavy use of pictures, images, and visions.

One of the best ways to influence behavior for the better is to empower by painting positive images. We should make use of positive pictures of what responsible people do, as opposed to images of punishment for irresponsible behavior.

Since people are prompted to act by their visions and since people do better when they feel better, success is enhanced when the vision of what you want is prompted, rather than the vision of an imposed consequence.

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