The Levels of Development-What to Refer to?

I was asked what sets my discipline approach apart from others. Without hesitation, I said, “The leve and self-monitoring.”

The next question came, “Whose hierarchy?”

I responded, “Mine.”

“Do you refer to it as ‘My Hierarchy’ and, if not, what do you call it?”

I responded, “The Levels of Development.”

The conversation concluded with the question, “Since it is
YOUR hierarchy, then why don’t you call it the ‘Marshall

I pondered the question and concluded that when I refer to other hierarchies, I refer to them preceded by the name associated with each, viz., Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Jean Piaget’s hierarchy of cognitive development, and Lawrence Kohlberg’s hierarchy of moral development.

Perhaps reference to the Marvin Marshall Hierarchy of Social Development may satisfy some ego, but I do not plan to attach my name to it. If other’s do now and/or in the future, that is their decision. But as far as I am concerned it is just the Levels of Development.