Getting Started with DWS

Posts at the mailring:

I received my "Discipline Without Stress" book and started introducing the levels and changing my behaviors. My question is how do I set everything up for the beginning of the year? What do I communicate to parents? I have to turn in a class discipline plan to my principal. What would it look like on paper? I usually send this same plan home to parents. Before I have always had the standard (1) warning, (2) 5 minutes time out, (3) 15-minute time out, (4) note home, and (5) trip to office. Very concrete, easy for principal and parents to understand, but it did not work.

The book has excellent forms in the back that you can use in your class to introduce the system. I used the parent letters and reflective essays almost word for word—just signed my name! I also made each child a copy of the hierarchy for them to refer to throughout the year to keep in their notebooks. I also made a big poster-sized version of it to hang on the wall. I made it look kind of like a stop light with a red, green and yellow circle for each level. Good luck! The book is very helpful!