A Book to Baghdad

Dear Marv,

I had the opportunity to know about your book Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards through some of your articles and your interesting monthly newsletter.

What I really want is to purchase a copy of your book so that I can read it thoroughly and understand your approach more practically. But due to the current difficult situation in Iraq, we still have some complicated procedures in sending money abroad, and that's why I would like to ask you a favor, which is kindly inform me of a bookshop address in Jordan or Syria where your book is carried.

I have been in teaching for 35 years. Your approach is a big wide step forward in the field of education, especially for teachers and parents. It aims to reducing their daily stress, which I believe is the cause behind many diseases teachers are suffering nowadays, such as diabetes and hypertension because of the wrong approach they were implementing to discipline their classes.

I am a research member in the Directorate of Educational Research and Planning, one of the educational departments of the Ministry of Education in Iraq. Your book and your other publications will surely help me and my colleagues in our job.

Hike Samuel Artin
Al Ghadeer
Baghdad, Iraq


I fulfilled the request by sending the book to the American Embassy in Baghdad.

If you would like to share an experience with educators in Iraq, you can e-mail your communication to hiketeacher@yahoo.com.