Ask the Student

I received the following e-mail the evening after a recent presentation (reproduced with permission):

“I suspended a defiant student earlier in the week and was dreading having him return to my classroom on Friday. After hearing your inspiring talk, I was able to put my arm around him and walk with him while I asked him what we could do to fix the situation. His idea was to write a contract, which I’m not sure is the best solution.

“However, having him give thought to where to go now seemed to lift his self-esteem and help him be more cooperative in my class. I’m sure that it will take me a lot of trial and error to really ‘get it,’ but your method is what I see as the best path. Thanks so much; it was just what I needed.” –Susan Zahn

My handouts for the presentation can be downloaded from the links at a quick start and dealing with difficult students.