Bring Discipline Without Stress to Your School … for Free

Did you know that any school in the United States can receive free materials of the Discipline Without Stress approach? Simply go to and complete the application.

This highly successful discipline and learning system uses an approach that does not prompt counterwill. In fact, this approach achieves what every teacher desires but rarely accomplishes: separating the act from the actor, the deed from the doer, a good kid from inappropriate behavior. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that counterwill, the natural human tendency to resist coercion, is totally bypassed.

The second is that it also bypasses the natural tendency to defend oneself. Whenever a behavior is directly addressed, the natural tendency is to protect oneself. With a noncoercive discipline approach, the young person is prompted to reflect on the level of behavior chosen, rather than on the person’s actual behavior.

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