Stress Tips

Impulse Control and Stress Management

Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey opens with a quotation: “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, tension, and stress. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.” —George Burns, American entertainer, 1896-1996

Living without stress was the key to Masazo Nonaka’s (1905 – 2019) long life—recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest man in April 2018 when he was 112 years old. He passed on at 113 in on January 20, 2019 in Hokkaido, Japan.

His granddaughter, Yuko, told the Kyodo News that his long life was due to his trying to “live without stress.”

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Steps To Overcome Stress, Depression, And Fear

If you look underneath depression you will find anger. Look under anger, and you will discover sadness. Analyze sadness and you will find the root of all that is masquerading for depression—fear!

It is impossible to think clearly when you are flooded with fear, anxiety, or negative thinking. The more you are anxious or negative, the more such thinking will be reinforced. Do it often enough and it can become a habit. So, when anxiety, fear, or negativity arouses you, immediately redirect your thinking by getting involved with some other thought or engage in a new activity. This is the most effective and efficient approach. The reason is that emotion always follows cognition.

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Positivity Reduces Stress

Communicating in positive terms to yourself and to others triggers enthusiasm, capability, and self-confidence.

Allow me to share some additional advantages when your self-talk and communications to others are in positive—rather than in negative—terms. I also want to emphasize that positivity applies especially to teachers who are engaged in classroom management and classroom discipline.

Positivity feels good.

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Reduce Stress with a Hierarchy Analogy

The life cycle of a butterfly not only fascinates but the life cycle of a butterfly in real life can serve as an analogy to the Hierarchy of Social of Development—sometimes referred to as the Marvin Marshall Hierarchy. Once young people understand the basics of building a hierarchy, then their physical growth can be compared to a butterfly life cycle. With this understanding, they become empowered to act more responsibly and reduce their stress and the stress of others with whom young people interact.

The four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly can be related to the four physical states of human development and the Hierarchy of Social Development.

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Stress and a Counseling Session

Want to change a young person’s attitude and behavior? Here is an example of how to have a student change both attitude and behavior.

What I will be describing is not a mock school counseling session but an actual individual counseling session when I took the role of a school counselor in a counseling session to demonstrate essential counseling skills. The school counselor observed how I implemented counseling theories and counseling techniques in practice with a middle school girl who was the school’s most challenging student.

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Obedience and Stress

Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of conformity and the importance of obedience?

Obedience and stress are perhaps best illustrated in the Stanley Milgram experiment of understanding submission and obedience to authority.

Conformity and obedience are natural and necessary in any society. This is how cultures perpetuate their values and traditions. However, obedience can promote stress on the part of all concerned.

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Rules Create Stress

Would you believe that no school rules are better than classroom rules? When you understand the difference between classroom rules & procedures you will understand why my 5 simple classroom rules are so effective. You will also understand the reason that my basic school rules are essentially school rules in real life.

Since the rules of the classroom are to promote responsibility, why not use a more effective term than classroom rules—such as responsibility.

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Know how to lose friends and alienate people?

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to buy something, but the salesperson alienated you, or you were turned off so much that you did not buy from that person—that you felt estranged!

Why lose friends and alienate people? Understanding how NOT to alienate or have someone not turned off is significant in reducing stress.

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Stress and Negativity at Work

Do you lack passion at your place of work?
Do you put forth your maximum effort at your job?

There is a natural human tendency to go to the negative rather than to the positive. Office negativity is not helpful. But there is a way to keep negativity away. For example, if you receive a note that your supervisor wants to see you before you leave for the day, the natural inclination is to assume that the meeting will have a negative connotation. There is no basis for this. It is a faulty assumption; it’s guesswork.

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Stress and Public Speaking

What ranks higher than the fear of snakes? Answer: How to get over the fear of public speaking in front of groups!

My father was very articulate. People truly liked to have him engage in conversations because his ideas were so interesting. Yet, he had a dreaded fear of public speaking in front of groups. He had no difficulty in asking questions and stating his opinion even in large groups, but presenting ideas in front of a group prompted great stress in him.

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Reduce Stress Through Diffusion

When someone has a great idea, how is it conveyed in a picture or cartoon? A light bulb appears over the person’s head! The image illustrates diffusion animation. That image of the lightbulb is an example of diffusion of light. And this illustration can serve to reduce stress.

You can reduce your stress through diffusion by understanding the difference between a light bulb and a laser beam.

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