Changing Our Direction

There is an old story about the U.S.S. Enterprise that was traveling along the Eastern seaboard. It saw a light in front and thought that the ship was going to collide with the other ship. So the Enterprise sent a signal for the other ship to travel in a different direction. “We are the U.S.S. Enterprise and you are on our course. Please go south.”

A message came back, “ We cannot move.”

A second message was sent. “We are the U.S.S. Enterprise. If you don not move, we will collide.”

Another message came back. “Sorry, we will and cannot move.”

A last message was sent. “We are the mighty U.S.S. Enterprise. If you do not change course, we will destroy you—guaranteed.”

The message came back: “ We are the lighthouse. Your choice.”

Too often, we want others to change when it is up to us to change our course.