Children’s Books Teaching Values

While presenting in Warren, New Jersey, I had the pleasure of meeting Vanita Braver, M.D., a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She  sent me her first two books from her planned nine book series, “Teach Your Children Well.” Since the foundation of my approach is to foster responsibility and since I present and keynote at many character education conferences, I was delighted after reading these first two books from the series.

When Dr. Braver first showed me the manuscript, I sent her the following endorsement:

Children who have low self-esteem are unhappy children.
They are unhappy because they think negative thoughts
about themselves. An excellent approach to changing this
way of thinking is to expose them to stories that teach
how doing the right thing feels better than doing the
wrong thing. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Vanita
Braver, M.D., has written a series of stories that
inspire values of character to accomplish this most
challenging of tasks.

I highly recommend “Teach Your Children Well” beginning
with “Pinky Promise.”

“Pinky Promise” the first book, is a story illustrating the values of honesty. “Party Princess,” the second book, is a story illustrating how a young girl resolved her own conflict after getting herself into a messy situation.

Both books are designed for children from four to eight. They teach values and virtues that enhance both character development and emotional health. Part of the proceeds for each delightfully illustrated and inexpensive book goes to the Child Welfare League of America.

You can learn more about the books at