Classroom Management Procedures

Classroom management procedures make instruction efficient. Here are some from the Discipline Without Stress Resource Guide:

  1. How to enter the classroom and then what to do (Students should always have something that raises curiosity, interest, or reinforces/reviews as soon they enter the classroom. Dead time is deadly time.)
  2. How to get attention and what students should do 
  3. How to quiet the class when it gets too noisy
  4. How to take roll while students are occupied in learning
  5. How to handle lunch tickets
  6. What to do when the fire alarm sounds
  7. When and how to sharpen pencils
  8. What to do when it is necessary to use the restroom
  9. What to do when an assignment is finished early
  10. How to find directions for each class assignment/activity center
  11. Where to find the home assignments (homework)
  12. What to do when students have questions or want help
  13. How a paper is to be done (size and type of paper, heading, ink? etc.)
  14. How to organize notes
  15. How papers will be collected and where to put them
  16. Where to find assignments after an absence
  17. How to change groups
  18. How to work in groups
  19. How/when to move around the room
  20. How to use classroom materials and where to find them
  21. What to do when tardy
  22. What to do when returning from an absence
  23. How to get ready for dismissal
  24. How the class will be dismissed (bell or teacher’s direction)
  25. How to listen to and respond to questions
  26. How to get materials without disturbing others
  27. How to discard papers without disturbing others
  28. When and how to hand out equipment
  29. How to get ready for the library, tech center, etc.
  30. How to walk in the hallways

More suggestions are in the Discipline Without Stress Resource Guide.

If you have a favorite procedure, please share it. Thanks.