Collaboration Eases Discipline

One of the best ways to make parenting (and discipline in general) easier and less stressful is to view yourself as being in collaboration with your children rather than being a rule enforcer. No matter how challenging your children may be today, they really do want to grow up and be responsible adults, and you certainly want that for them as well. So in a sense, you are both working toward the same goal. Why not work together? Collaboration among individuals is always more effective for improved efficiency and relationships.

Here’s a story that shows how collaboration makes any task easier.

During a hike in the woods, a group of Boy Scouts came across an abandoned section of a railroad track. Each boy tried walking the rail but eventually lost balance and had to step off.

Suddenly, two of the boys, after considerable whispering, offered to bet that they could both walk the entire length of the track without falling off.

Challenged to make good their boast, the two boys jumped up on opposite rails, extended a handle to balance each with other, and walked the entire length of the track with no difficulty.

Here in a nutshell is a principle of modern life as it pertains to parenting, teaching, and even business. We do better and become more effective by collaborating—by empowering and helping each other along the way.