Computer Workstation Ergonomics Exercises Reduce Stress

Here are some suggestions that are easy to implement:

  • Take breaks.  Computer workstation ergonomics exercises reduce stress are not listed in priorities. The exception is this first one. Take a 3 – 5 minute break every hour.  Simply engage in another activity, even if it’s just to get up and stretch. Changing activities will stimulate your brain. It actually make you more focused and productive when you return to your computer.
  • Give your eyes a rest. Every hour on the hour, look away from your desktop for at least 30 seconds. Varying the focal point of your eyes from close-up to distance can ease eyestrain and reduce fatigue.
  • Relax your arms. Keep your forearms level with your desktop to avoid neck cramping and back strain.
  • Turn up the lights. Good lighting is essential and can increase your productivity. Efficient lighting reduces eyestrain and headaches while also increasing your vision and ability to focus.
  • Keep office equipment convenient. Your computer or office equipment should placed strategically.  Let’s assume you are right-handed. If you constantly reach for the phone on the left side of your desk, the repetitive movement could strain your back, neck, or arm.
  • Keep cool. Check your ventilation. To keep awake and attentive, the room should be slightly cooler than warmer. Open a window or run a small fan to keep air circulating.
  • Keep hydrated. Keep water within reach. You’re less likely to respond to your body’s natural thirst mechanism when you are immersed in your work. Drinking ample water throughout the day reduces fatigue and helps you to keep your concentration.
  • Keep organized. Make sure your desktop is clear and organized to keep you relaxed and focused. It is less stressful when there is ample workspace and your office supplies are easily within reach.
  • Sitting is the new smoking. The last, but not the least important computer workstation ergonomics exercise that reduces stress is to stand. As mentioned in an earlier tip sitting is the new smoking, use some mechanism to stand. I use a “Stand Steady Standing Desk” most of the time. I lower it periodically to change positions. The human body was not developed to sit.

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