Control Your Mindset – Control Your Stress

The conversations you have with yourself form your perceptions and can help control your stress. In fact, we can make a good case that your self-talk creates your reality and your level of stress. Stress is related to perceiving the world as manageable or unmanageable, and this is directly related to your mindset.

Mindsets are perceptions, attitudes, dispositions, intentions, and inclinations that emanate from our experiences and filter our thoughts that form the lenses through which we see the world and our lives.

Perceptions are as important as reality. In fact, perceptions can be your reality. To reduce and control your stress it is critical to understand that so often it is not the event but the perception of the event that prompts your reactions. This is the reason that three people can see the same event from the same angle but observe and report it differently.

Your Choices Can Control Your Stress

We all see life through the filters we have created from our experiences. The information we process is largely determined by our mindsets. We can perceive a situation as a problem or as a challenge; our choice depends upon our mindset.

James Sutton is a psychologist who emphasizes that perceptions are as important as reality. For example, if a person is afraid, the person’s behaviors will reflect that fear—regardless of whether there is anything to be afraid of or not. Jim’s experiences have led him to conclude that some people are damaged more by their perceptions than by the actual realities of their lives.

Tip: Your mindset helps you handle and control your stress—or enables the stress to overcome you. Your mindset emanates from your experiences and filters your thoughts. Your mindset also drives your perceptions and your behavior. Being aware of your thoughts and mindset is a critical step in helping you control your stress.


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