Embrace Kindness During Times of Stress

Embrace Kindness

When you’re living in times of uncertainty and stress, it’s important to embrace kindness. This means being kind both to others and to yourself. It’s normal that when under stress, people have “short fuses.” Little things can quickly spiral out of control as negativity prevails. The good news is that you can help lessen the effects of the current situation’s turmoil in one simple way: Embrace Kindness.

As a youth I developed this attitude of kindness that I still use to this day. I make it a habit to choose to be kind to not only others, but also to myself. I learned at an early age that I was not perfect, that I made mistakes, and that sometimes I was sorry for what I did or said. Realizing that I could not undo the past and rather than punishing myself with negative thoughts and feelings, I decided to embrace the attitude of the great baseball player, Satchel Page, who said: “Don’t look back; something may be gaining on you.”

Mentally punishing yourself does no good, but rather enormous harm. I learned that I have less stress and am more productive when I am displaying kindness. This is the case especially in my relationship with my wife, where I continually ask myself, “Will these words be kind to her?”

People who embrace kindness live with less stress. Rather than stew over what cannot be changed, they look to what can be changed. Rather than perpetuate a cycle of negativity, they choose to be kind. As a result, they have a positive effect on others and on themselves.

Tip: Being gentle with yourself and with people who are important to you can significantly reduce your stress. Just reflect, “Am I being kind?”


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