Covey, Glasser, Deming and the Raise Responsibilty System

Numerous people have contacted me requesting permission to duplicate the discipline, parenting, and learning, “RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM.” They wanted to reproduce materials from the book and desired permission to do so. I informed them that they have permission to duplicate anything and everything from my home website.

The system uses the approaches of Stephen Covey (being proactive), William Glasser (noncoercion and responsibility), and W. Edwards Deming (empowerment, collaboration, and quality).

I am a strong believer that “the more you give the more you get.” Since I desire others to enjoy classroom teaching as much as I have (with very few discipline challenges), I not only gave permission but also assisted them in their endeavors.

Specific information about implementing the system is at  THE RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM.

I hope that by making THE RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM—Chapter 3 of the book, Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards—easily available, more teachers and parents will focus on promoting responsibility, rather than the usual approach of focusing on obedience.

Teaching toward obedience with today’s youngsters often brings resistance, rebellion, and sometimes defiance. But when you promote responsibility, you get obedience as a natural by-product. The system shows how to accomplish this challenging task.