Discipline and the Raise Responsibility System

Jamie Turner of Fair Haven, New Jersey, forwarded me information about her school’s website. I share it with you below.


What is the Raise Responsibility System? Marvin Marshall’s Raise Responsibility System was designed in order to promote responsible behavior within the school  community. This simple system focuses on promoting the internalization of responsibility rather than on only promoting external obedience. The foundation of this system is the Hierarchy of Social Development, which supports students in learning how to make responsible choices.

Why are we implementing this system? As a teaching and learning community, there was a  consensus among our staff that we needed to find a better way to help students make independent choices in their behavior.  We found it to be a simple, yet highly effective way to help students learn to make responsible choices.

How can I find out more information? Please visit Marvin Marshall’s website at www.marvinmarshall.com for more information.

Jamie Turner, Principal
Sickles School
Fair Haven, New Jersey


Jamie’s letter prompted me to add a new link to my website  entitled, “What People Say.” You can scroll through its contents at testimonials.