Is it possible to use both Discipline without Stress AND tallies?


I have often been tempted to order the Discipline without Stress book. What has held me back is my school’s requirement that we use the same discipline plan throughout the department (in my case, 4th through 6th grades.)

The department has the same rules:  (1) Be respectful (2) Be obedient (3) Be honest (4) Be responsible.After the usual warning, if any rule is violated, a tally is given to the student. The number of tallies for the week determines the child’s behavior grade.  A behavior grade must be given each week.

Here is my question:  Is it feasible to use both this discipline plan and the DWS method or would it be too cumbersome/confusing? The one is mandatory for grades; the other, the Discipline without Stress method, would be the philosophy I choose to use in my relationships and dealings with the students.


You can do both.

Check to see if the mandatory requirements also mandate that the teacher assign the tallies or the grade. Chances are that you will not be violating the regulations if you instead, ELICIT the tallies and/or the grades from your students.

Just have the students evaluate themselves for the grade and submit it to you. (I used a 3 x 5 card.)In the vast majority of cases, the students will assign themselves the same grade you would have given them.

AND in cases where there is disagreement, share with the student your reasoning for your decision.