Discipline Without Stress Success

I received the following from the author of  the most widely used book on discipline in university classrooms preparing future teachers:

“I think you are the best thing going in discipline today.”
—C.M. Charles,  11  Editions of  Building Classroom Discipline 

Here are three simple reasons that the Discipline Without Stress (DWS) and the Raise Responsibility System (the discipline part of DWS) work:

1. It is totally noncoercive. The model creates an atmosphere where people feel safe; they know that they will not be harmed.

2. Students NEVER need to defend their behavior because their behavior is never referred to. Instead, something outside the person (a level) is referred to.

 3. When people understand the difference between EXTERNAL motivation–Level C (to please someone, get something, or avoid pain)–and INTERNAL motivation–Level D (to take initiative to do what is right and thereby reap satisfaction)–they WANT to be on Level D.

In a nutshell, most teachers aim at obedience, but obedience does not create desire. Discipline Without Stress creates a desire to behave responsibly and to put  forth effort in learning.

The entire system is free to download from this website.