Eliminate the Stress of Public Speaking

Image of a woman presenting in a business meeting

Many people fear public speaking. This tip will show you how to turn this stress into confidence.

Standing in front of a group to present can be very scary. Symptoms include dry mouth, weakness, memory loss, upset stomach, cold sweat, and tight throat muscles. Sound familiar? All of these are quite natural physical sensations when a person is frightened. Depending on the situation and how the person is responding to it, there may be just a little apprehension or there may be a full-blown panic.

Here is a very simple, proven, three-step process for overcoming your fear of public speaking. By following these steps, you can make speaking in front of groups a positive experience.

Step one:

Think for a moment of the very best public speaker you have ever seen on the platform. It might be an evangelist, a teacher, a professional motivational speaker, an actor presenting a one-person show, or a superior lecturer. Although perhaps nervous, the performer’s concentration is on the opportunity to perform, to influence, to share, to teach, and to help people expand their horizons. So the first step is to focus on organizing and practicing what you plan to say.

Step two:

Now, let yourself experience vividly in your imagination the process of speaking well. Experience it as clearly as you possibly can. You may not believe it, but fortunately believing is not required. What is necessary is simply for your imagination to experience the act of being there and speaking. Think of a story you can incorporate in your presentation. Storytelling is always fun and immediately engages the audience. Also think of something humorous. It doesn’t have to be a joke; it can be a one-liner—just something that will bring a smile.

Step three:

Now allow yourself to feel the positive emotion that comes with your successful presentation. This is the most important part of the entire system, because the emotions prompt the flow from practicing your presentation.

Right now, experience in your imagination the excitement, the joy, the enthusiasm, the confidence, and the thrill of developing and nurturing a warm rapport with an audience.

Tip: Follow these three steps and you will have your perception become your reality. Even though you may still be nervous, you will gain confidence in public speaking and will look forward to presenting in public.

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