Emotions and Learning

Emotions drive attention.
Attention drives learning.
Emotionally blocked; learning stopped.

Spence Rogers of Peak Learning Systems is recognized for being one of the top experts in effective instruction and assessment.

He shared with me an e-mail he received from a counselor whose job it is to intervene with kids sent to the office for misbehavior. He had introduced the counselor to information from my book.

“I try and intercept as many as I can before the principal visits with them. I work with them with ideas from Dr. Marshall’s book. After coaching four students (all boys) from one first grade class, they wanted to share what they learned from Dr. Marshall’s work with their teacher. The teacher decided to let the boys share with the whole class. She told me they got very excited about it. She suggested they make T shirts depicting what they learned. Her last name is Peterson so they came up with, “Mrs. P’s D’s,” for level D of the behavior hierarchy. Way cool! Thank you for suggesting he book!” WH

Spence’s website is worth visiting. Be sure to check out the Peak Institute link.