Levels of Development for Math

In my presentation at the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference, I shared the the Levels of Development as it relates to MATHEMATICS” to promote learning in that area.

The procedure of having students paint verbal pictures of the level chosen BEFORE engaging in any subject area and then their reflecting on the level acted on AFTER the activity prompts and challenges—two natural motivators.

Here is the “Levels of Development” as it relates to math:

Level D (INTERNAL motivation to learn)
• Displays a desire to learn
• Stays focused during math lessons
• Willingly practices to improve math skills
• Practices without the necessity of adult supervision
• Completes assignments because it is in one’s self-interest

Level C (Relies on EXTERNAL motivation to prompt effort)
• Practices when an adult is nearby
• Applies effort mainly to impress or satisfy others
• Fulfills the assignment primarily to get a good grade

Levels B/A
• Spends little if any effort to learn
• Distracts others by taking them off task