The Book as A College Text

I had the pleasure of speaking at the 50th anniversary of Phi Delta Kappa’s chapter at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Phi Delta Kappa is an international association devoted to leadership, service, and research in support of public education. The association publishes the PHI DELTA KAPPAN, the most widely quoted journal in education. In-depth, well-worth reading articles are its specialty.

Dr. Doug Bedient, Phi Delta Kappa International president in the mid 1990’s was my host. At his invitation, I spent two days with faculty members interviewing prospective teachers. They shared their portfolios addressing the State of Illinois 11 Professional Teaching Standards. The experience was truly inspiring. It was a pleasure to witness the proficiency and competence of those soon to join the education profession.

I also had the pleasure of addressing students who are using the book as their text. The coordinator of their “methods” courses, introduced me with the comment that “Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards” was chosen as the text because it does not rely on punitive or manipulative approaches.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is one of the increasing numbers of schools of education who are using the book as a college text.