Living is an Art

I came across the following advice that I shared in my newsletter over a decade ago. Its message is still applicable today. And while it requires much self-discipline to practice it, the rewards are worth it.

Living is an art, and we have a responsibility to enjoy it.

An artist cannot be continually wielding the paintbrush. The painter must stop at times to freshen the vision of the object, the meaning of which the artist wishes to express on the canvas.

Living is also an art. We dare not become so absorbed in its technical process that we lose our consciousness of its general plan. We should pause every so often in our brushwork to reflect and refresh our vision. Having done so, we will take ourselves back to our objective with clarified vision and renewed energy.

What is your vision for your life? Have you reflected on it lately? Fine-tuned it? Develop the self-discipline to conduct regular “check-ins” with yourself so you can always be creating the life you want.