Mastering Change

Implementing the three practices of positivity, choice, and reflection may feel awkward at first. This is natural. Unlike youth, who find little risk in attempting new activities, adults have established patterns and often feel anxious and uncomfortable when attempting something different from what they have already been doing. Realizing this at the outset will make it easier to attempt something new.

Doing something new or different requires making new habits, new neural connections. Practice makes permanent, and you will soon find that practicing the simple suggestions will become easier.

Think of a rocket or a space mission. Most of the energy, most of the thrust, has to do with breaking away—to surge past the gravitational pull.

Once you get past the pull of your habitual approach, you will steadily become more effective in implementing the new approach. You will enjoy the satisfaction of your new successes.

Trust the process. As you continue to use positivity, empower with choice, and hone the skill of asking reflective questions, you will grow. And so will the people with whom your deal.

For those who have used the Discipline Without Stress methodology for a while, I’d love for you to share your experiences of how it got easier with practice. Your words of wisdom can help motivate those new to these ideas. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.