The Mind Body Connection

mind body connection

Science repeatedly tells us that the mind body connection is real. Yet we often do things in our everyday life and routines that don’t exemplify this connection. As a result, we experience undo stress and life feels hard.

To better understand how this works, try this little exercise.

While sitting, let you shoulders slump and look down. How do you feel? If you’re like most people, you probably feel a little weak and lacking in energy.

Now pull your shoulders up and put your chest out. How do you feel now? Did you demeanor change for the positive? That’s the mind body connection at work! The next time you feel bad, change your posture and notice the effect it has on your feelings and effectiveness.

Here is a variation to consider. Look up at the ceiling and smile. Now try to feel bad. Challenging, isn’t it?

The Mind Body Connection for Youth

When we give students tests, we tell them to keep their heads down at all times. This is counterproductive to the mind body connection.

Let me show you how this works. In your mind’s eye, count the number of windows in your residence.

If you were aware of what you were doing, chances are your eyes moved up and to the left. That is how the body works to recall information. Yet, rather than teaching with the brain in mind, we engage in counterproductive activities. We tell students not to look up when they are taking a test, but they should. Looking up engages memory.

The eyes, the brain, and emotions all work together. When we allow this connection to work the way it’s meant to, we are more successful and feel less stress.

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