Optimistic vs Pessimistic – Which are You?

Optimistic vs Pessimistic

Optimistic vs pessimistic – Which are you? While it’s natural for everyone to flip flop and take on either of two roles during key points in life, chances are there is one side you lean to more than the other. Hopefully it’s that of an optimist!

Optimists are more than just positive people. They are also healthier! Research shows that being an optimist is associated with a healthier immune system and an ability to better cope with physical pain. Other studies have connected a positive attitude to a quicker recovery from heart surgery and a reduced likelihood of re-hospitalization, as well as to a superior ability to handle the emotional upheaval of life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

Optimistic vs Pessimistic – What’s the Real Difference?

In general, optimists have positive future expectations. That is, they expect good things to happen and work toward them. In contrast, pessimists tend to view setbacks as permanent, unchangeable, and pervasive. They expect negative things to happen.

Here is something important to notice: Both optimists and pessimists have expectations of the future, and those expectations come true! That means what you think and what you focus on will eventually become your reality.

Because optimists have an expectation for good, when bad things happen, they can persevere and deal with the stress easier. On the other hand, pessimists often feel helpless when things go wrong and tend to believe that bad luck repeats itself. Such an attitude can increase stress and contribute to depression.

The good news is that pessimists can be reformed. The key is learning to recognize your thought patterns. Once you notice a negative thought, you can consciously change it to a positive one. With consistent practice, this new, more positive thought pattern can be your new habit.

So when it comes to optimistic vs pessimistic, which are you? Do you consider yourself more of an optimist or a pessimist? What techniques do you use to stay in a more positive state of mind? Please share your thoughts on the Without Stress Facebook page.