How to Parent without Stress

• Increase the joy of a parenting
• Promote responsible behavior
•  Reduce discipline problems
• Handle difficult situations
• Improve relationships

Parenting Model
The Parenting without Stress Model

Additional parenting resources 
The multi award-winning parenting book in various formats.
A one-page resource: Tips for Parents
The inexpensive 101 Tips from Parenting without Stress e-book.

View the Raise Responsibility System, the discipline system for people of any age.

Want Less Stress at Home? New Tool Makes Communicating Easier.
Parenting could be easier if all children behaved the same way. But that’s not the case, and this is a prime reason behavior assessments are employed by so many institutions. Now there is a way for parents also to gain insight to their own styles and receive customized tips on how to better interact with children.

I know from firsthand experience that this information really works. After discovering that my styles were different from our daughter’s styles, I was able to modify how I communicated with her. The result? I significantly increased my relationship with her and became a much more enjoyable and effective parent—and both our stress levels significantly decreased.”

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