Parenting Styles and the Discipline Without Stress Model

A recently published “Report on the Four Parenting Styles” by Hugo M. Rabson from University of Phoenix details four prevalent parenting styles in the United States, including the pros and cons of each. It also asserts one style of parenting is better than the others. Here are each of the styles outlined and how they compare to the Discipline Without Stress method.

1. Permissive: When a parent utilizes permissive parenting, he/she provides inconsistent feedback and requires little of his/her children. Children raised under this style tend to experience low self-esteem and develop poorer social skills. While the Discipline Without Stress method is noncoercive, it is certainly NOT permissive.

2. Authoritarian: Parents who are authoritarian are controlling, punitive, rigid, and cold. They rely on telling, yelling, and punishments to exert control over the youngster. Children may be obedient and proficient, but they rank lower in happiness, social competence, and self-esteem. The Discipline Without Stress method recommends NOT using imposed punishments, lecturing, telling, or rewards as a way to control or change behavior.

3. Uninvolved: Parents who practice uninvolved parenting show little to no interest in their children. Their children tend to lack self-control, have low self-esteem, and are less competent than their peers. The Discipline Without Stress method requires parental involvement since parents are the first and most important role model for children.

4. Authoritative: Authoritative parents set clear and consistent limits. Their goal is to raise responsible children. The authoritative parenting style correlates highly with feelings of self-worth, academic success, and good social skills. The Discipline Without Stress method is 100% geared to raising responsible children. By focusing on positivity, offering choices, and encouraging reflection (the three foundational pieces of the Discipline Without Stress method), parents give their children the tools and mindset needed to succeed in life.

According to the report, Authoritative parenting is the best style to adopt. If you need insight on how to use this parenting style with your own children, study the materials on this website and read the book Parenting Without Stress.