Relationship Keepers

My wife, Evelyn, and I presented a keynote session at a marriage conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our presentation was entitled, “HOW TO USE YOUR PARTNER’S DIFFERENCES OF OPINION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.”

At the conclusion of the session, participants shared their “keepers”—those ideas which they thought were most meaningful to them.

Here are a few of them:
–Communicate using positive, rather than negative, messages.
–Empower by offering choices. No one loses when options are recognized.
–If you want the other to change, alter your own behavior first.
–Treat your princess as one, and she will become one.
–Treat your prince as one, and he will become one.
–Listen to learn. Your partner’s different take on a situation can be an opportunity to learn.
–Avoid listening in anticipation of what you think you will hear.
–Be curious when you listen—instead of judgmental.
–Express your desires. Give your partner the opportunity to help you.